Organic Chemistry Section

Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry

Laboratories and equipment


SMBioCom's laboratories in the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry are perfectly equipped to work on processes and reactions within the field of Organic Synthesis, both at the micro-scale (milligrams) and at the multigram scale.


This allows us to carry out reactions:


- under strictly anhydrous conditions.

– under inert atmospheres.

- at low temperatures (liquid nitrogen, dry ice).

- in reactors with mechanical stirring.

- than can be monitored simply by TLC or other techniques such as GC, GC-EM, HPLC or HPLC-EM.

– using techniques for the solid phase synthesis of peptides (from milligram to multigram scale).

- using slow reagent addition systems.

– with microwave activation.


The most important organic chemistry structural analysis and determination techniques may be found either within our group or, more generally, within the Faculty of Chemistry: medium field NMR, mass spectrometry, normal and reversed-phase chromatographic systems, HPLC-EM, gas chromatography, polarimetry, IR, UV-visible spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.


On the other hand, as additional resources we have access to the range of auxiliary techniques and services offered by the University of Barcelona's Scientific and Technological Centers (CCiTUB) that include techniques such as high field NMR, metal analysis, reaction calorimetry, electron microscopy (TEM/SEM), electronic cryomicroscopy, citrometry, among others.