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If you are interested in Organic Chemistry and wish to orientate your professional career towards this branch of science the SQO offers various possibilities: Internships

Final year students in of the Degree in Chemistry can join the laboratories of the research groups in the SQO and collaborate in their research under the supervision of an academic tutor.

This is usually done in periods outside term-time. Exceptionally, those students who finish their Degrees in the month of February can occupy an internship during the Spring term, as long as they do not graduate until their internship has finished.

Master's Degree

The Master's Degree in Organic Chemistry offers specialized tuition in Organic Chemistry with the objective of training professionals capable of meeting the needs of industry and academia with respect to production and research and development.

This Master's Degree places a special emphasis on experimental work. The second semester is exclusively dedicated to carrying out an original research project under the supervision of an academic tutor and during this time will have access to all the R&D resources of the SQO.


The Doctoral degree program in Organic Chemistry is made up of researchers from the UB and the CSIC who are currently involved in research of excellence in such diverse areas as Organic Synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry and the Chemistry of Biomolecules.

This is a research-intensive program that aspires to offer its students a comprehensive training that will allow them to opt for the Ph.D. degree and promotes scientific creativity, interdisciplinarity and professionalism with an international outlook.

There is also the possibility of studying for the Industrial Doctorate within the framework of the Doctoral degree program in Organic Chemistry.

R&D Projects

the SQO actively collaborates with the local chemical industry. Often these projects are carried out through short-term contracts and grants coordinated by the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera of the UB. If these are of sufficient duration they may offer the possibility of opting for the Industrial Doctorate within the framework of the Doctoral degree program in Organic Chemistry.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The SQO has a recognized tradition in en R&D and its Research groups are always interested in recruiting talented researchers from around the world into their projects.

Student exchange programs

The UB offers student exchanges for students from other Spanish universities through the SICUE program and for students from foreign universities through the Erasmus international exchange program, other bilateral agreements or by individual applications.

Many of these programs allow students to spend time in the research laboratoris of the SQO. Contact the national mobility coordinator and the international mobility coordinator of the Facultat de Química in order to obtain more information.

Departmental Collaboration Grants

The Spanish Ministery of Education, Culture and Sport offers a number of grants every year in order to help Chemistry students in the final year of their first degree or in the first year of their Master's degree to collaborate with University Departments in order to initiate research work directly related to the studies they are undertaking.

Grants and Awards
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