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Knowledge Transfer

The transfer of knowledge and technology from academia to the the business and commercial sectors is one of the three fundmental social functions of the University, the other two being teaching and research.

The Organic Chemistry Section welcomes collaborations with industry and other professionals in the area of Organic Chemistry in order to fulfill this mission. Collaborations can take various forms such as contract research, assessment in the areas of our expertise, industrial doctoral programs or more ambitious projects with possible public co-finance. The necessary legal framework will be guaranteed through the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera.

Information on our areas of expertise may be found on the webpages of our research groups and on the personal pages of the staff of the SQO.

We have had successful projects of different types in the past. We invite you come and tell us how we might be of service. We can help you find the solutions you need.

Routes for Knowledge Transfer:

Partial funding of research projects

This can be done, for example by financing the research associated with a Ph.D thesis. The Organic Chemistry Section has participated in several PhD Theses financed in this way. The company involved then has access to privileged information on the results and progress obtained in the project and has preference in the testing any compounds that might be interesting. Furthermore this type of connection between industry and the University usually can be further supported by state finance . The establishment of the Barcelona Science Park has opened up other interesting opportuniities for industrial-academic collaboration.

Contracts with a member of the academic staff or with a research group

If you have a more specific problem such as the optimization of a process, of synthesis design or the search for alternative routes etc, then establishing a contract for a period of months with a member of the academic staff or a research group so that the academic or research group can study the problem and hopefully resolve it. Contracts of this type can be managed through the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Use of the Organic Chemistry Section's Equipment

If your problem is very specific, such as for example, obtaining of spectra of a compound or compounds analysis of unknown compounds, interpretation of data etc, then you can contact the General Services (Equipment Room) of the Section.


Knowledge transfer to society is important to us and so we are always willing, within our possibilities, to establish any kind of collaboration that promotes it. If the above routes are not suitable for your specific case. please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to try and find suitable alternatives.

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