Organic Chemistry Section

Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry

SMBioCom collaborates with companies in the field of Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry through the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG) of the University of Barcelona in the following areas:


– Assessment and services (either in project-specific or in more general forms).


– Technological innovation or applied research projects in the field of organic and pharmaceutical synthesis (University-Company projects)


– Joint projects with public funding (University-Company-Administration projects)




–The development of alternative synthetic routes for the preparation of generic drugs or molecules of interest.


–Preparation of synthetic intermediates and building blocks.


–Synthesis of peptides in solid phase and in dissolution at both the milligram and multigram scale.


–Steroselective synthesis.


–Optimization of reactions and processes.


–The structural determination of impurities and their preparation.


–Bibliographic research on the viability of processes and aspects of industrial intellectual property.